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About DOT:

DOT is an experimental take on structural weaving. The fabrics are hand woven by our artistry weavers. Our drapes are rightly tuned with everything to do with feminine flairs, pastel hues, dreamy silhouettes and immense sophistication. The subtle embroidery, hint of vintage with a clean and not so contemporary aesthetic is what encompasses DOT.

DOT is our way to revive and revamp the Indian craft into wearable art. 

“Everything which is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of the one who sees.” - Rumi

D.O.T as a design concept started more on these lines of Rumi. Our endeavor was to create designs or rather, a certain way of life that would amplify the beauty in simple and little things. In a world of maximalism, people often tend to get lost and become indifferent to the sophistication and happiness that lies in little things, simple things. Our design philosophy is an effort to enhance these non-tangible emotions into tangible forms, using an array of colours inspired by dried flowers to the gorgeous leaves of autumn, from the rustic sunsets to the rain drenched forests, along with natural hand-woven fabrics and traditional craftsmanship of 'zardozi' in the form of  'taara', 'mogra', 'kalli', keeping it at it’s bare minimum such as to let the beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder, staying true to it’s design philosophy. This helps us focus more on the cuts, alignments, feel of the fabric and weaving stories that are minimalistic yet powerful. 

The initial design initiative that got D.O.T started was to encourage Indian women to look at Anarkalis as something comfortable, that could be just a part of your day to day life, in different forms and colours, adding not only comfort and luxury but also a sense of belonging, being connected to the roots and yet be empowered to make a statement, to make her presence felt in the world of fashion. The most natural instinct for a human being is to fall in love with it’s inner self, which is at it’s most simple and pure form and like the way Rumi says’ “What you seek is seeking you”, D.O.T, as a brand, simply works as a catalyst to evoke that dormant sense of self love within you. 


About Designers:

“DOT" was started by Daizy Tanwar and Tapushi Pal. Two NIFT Gandhinagar graduates who were always fascinated by fashion industry were much excited to venture into the clothing lane. The catch to start their own brand came to them while they were working on their graduation project at Aavaran. A simple meet with Ms Alka Sharma who was sailing and building her own empire, got them amazed. Inspired by that, they initiated DOT in 2016 on 30th April.

Where Daizy has gained her fashion know-hows by working at Raw Mango, Delhi, Tapushi had also worked with leading fashion designer Anju Modi for the film project - Bajirao Mastani. Along with the exposure and dexterity, Daizy and Tapushi share immense passion and great hopes to build a stronger platforms and scale greater heights with their brand DOT.