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Keep it Simple and Stylish with Latest DOT Dresses Collection!

DOT label has released its latest excellent collection of Dresses for this season. The label is inspired by experimental fashion and is established on that idea. You will find the minimalism reflected out of all our womenswear. So, if you like to take your fashion style to a different level, you are in the right place. Here are a few dresses we have sorted for you to give a glimpse of all the fantastic outfits that you can take home! Let’s get started with Mint Silk Dress, a Short Vacation Dresses in premium Silk. The length of this dress is 40”, and the estimated shipment is two weeks from the order date! DOT has added its exclusive Designer Kids Range! Try here! We also got you Old Rose Quarter Circle Midi Dress with a Custom Tailored option. It is your Summer Breezy Plain Silk Dress with length 48”. Keeping it sophisticated and simple at the same time is the USP of the DOT label. Go for a minimalistic experience with our Designer Kurta Set!

Flawless Dresses from DOT that You can’t Resist Trying! Order Online Now!

Check out our Spring Cotton Printed Dress with Cotton Sleeveless Inner. You will really relish the floral print that will give that subtle edge to your personality. Talking about this work of art, you are being offered this in Mint colour, and Kurta Length for this dress is 47”. Experiment with our Designer Lehenga Blouse. Keeping the experimental spirit alive in each dress, you have Rani Taapti Dress to try out. It is a Handwoven Khadi Loose-Fit Dress. This DOT dress’ length is 46”, and it will be shipped to you within 2-3 weeks. Sage Green Quarter Circle Dress is among our bestsellers and a must-have dress to try this summer! Playing beautifully with smoothness, you feel the joy and comfort of wearing a premium quality Plain Silk Dress. Enjoy some modern Designer Saree this season! You can also go for its other variant, Maroon Quarter Circle Off Shoulder Dress. The length here is 48” and weighs 400 Grams.